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Posted on Apr 5, 2019

GroundStone Wastewater Services

Often pressure distribution septic systems are used when permeable soils are relatively shallow and a uniform distribution of the wastewater is required for better treatment. 

Not only do pressure septic systems provide a better effluent treatment but sometimes drain fields are not always suitable to be placed in close proximity to a home. 

When long distances of travel are required or high elevations provide gravitational challenges, a pressurized system is an answer.

In many septic systems, gravity is used to move the wastewater through the system and into the drain field. In a gravity-fed septic system, wastewater is partially treated within the septic tank before it flows out the tank and down to the drain field through a network of pipes.

However, not all situations are conducive to making use of gravity to distribute the wastewater effluent leaving the tank. In cases where gravity-fed systems will not do the job effectively, alternative systems need to be employed.

Pressure distribution septic systems are one such solution.

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