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Posted on Mar 5, 2019

GroundStone Wastewater Services

Connecting to City Sewer Line

Homes that are serviced with a private septic system may have the option or may get the opportunity in future, to connect up with city sewer lines that are constructed by the local municipality up to the property’s boundary line.

There are a number of reasons why municipalities expand their sewer lines out to service properties currently serviced by septic systems.

These include growing communities, smaller lots and larger homes stressing existing septic systems, which do not have the capacity to cope, as well as small properties with ageing septic systems, which do not have the space to install a functional backup solution for failing systems.

When septic systems are put under pressure and become strained, environmental contamination can result, particularly around water bodies, posing both an environmental and public health hazard.

Consequently, should sewage disposal issues arise, further development plans may be halted until these issues are resolved, which can further add to a property owner’s woes?

When problems such as these arise, homeowners often pressure the city to create infrastructure for better sewage disposal.

Although in certain cases, particularly when sewage disposal poses an environmental and/or health risk, a city may make the decision to extend the sewer network to service these areas without pressure from homeowners.

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